Outgoing Chairman Speech at the Investiture Ceremony of the 7th Chairman , NIEEE Abuja Chapter, Engr. Ikechukwu N. Amalu

Find below the Outgoing Chairman Speech , Engr. Felix O. Olu MNSE, MNIEEE presented at the Investiture Ceremony of the 7th Chairman , NIEEE Abuja Chapter held at National Engineering Center, CBD, Abuja on 14th March, 2020.



Ladies and Gentlemen.

It is a great delight and honour for me and my outgoing Executive Committee (EXCO) to have been chosen to steer the boat of this great Institution, for the past two years and having the privilege to have this ceremony today. All glory, honour and thanksgiving be to the Almighty God for the privilege of this great calling and the help we received.

On behalf of my colleagues in the outgoing EXCO, I appreciate our engineers and all and sundry, for giving us their support throughout the period. At the onset, the standard we met on ground made us feel uneasy but we give all the glory to God for successful tenure and now, handing over.


Without being immodest, we cannot but count our blessing and name them somehow, though not one-by one. In the last two years our team has found ourselves being privileged to achieve the follows:

  1. We created three committees to handle our divisional/engineering issues (Technical committee, Research, Innovation and Development as well as Best Practices Committees). These have helped keep our professional focus and engage willing volunteers;
  2. A website was created for the Institute (www.nieeeabuja.org.ng);
  3. We registered about 100 new members in the two years;
  4. Our attendance in monthly meetings improved from an average of 30 to currently 45 and there were meetings where we were up to 65 in attendance;
  5. We had seven (7) very professional training workshops with very competent resource persons;
  6. We were able to train of over one hundred and thirty (130) engineers/personnel, spread around the six geo-political zones of Nigeria in various programmes;
  7. Hosting of two notable editions of the annual Summit of Electrical, Electronic and Communication Engineers in Abuja (SEECEA) with many dignitaries in attendance across the relevant sectors of the economy;
  8. Creation of cordial and enduring relationships with persons and organizations all over our jurisdiction, which will strengthen the institute and make room for more professional impact;
  9. We had all our scheduled monthly general and EXCO meetings with some EXCO meetings done online;
  10. We were able to improve the technical education of our members through consistent monthly technical paper presentations and technical information through our WhatsApp group;
  11. We had ten (10) industrial and courtesy visits to very relevant and educative organizations, industries and infrastructural establishments within the two year period. Furthermore, 
  12. Persistently at the national level, for three years running till date, NIEEE Abuja had the prize (award) for the largest number of participants in National Conference of the NIEEE known as the International Conference and Exhibition on Power and Telecommunications (ICEPT) in Abuja, Port Harcourt and most recently in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State;
  13. Also at the national level, NIEEE Abuja is rated as one of the two best chapters;
  14. The Chapter was able to produce two publications within the period: a book and a newsletter as well as many technical resources for engineers;
  15. And in terms of welfare, the chapter attended to so many social and welfare concerns of members, ranging from weddings, thanksgivings to retirements and burial events. However, we lost two registered members within the period. May their souls rest in peace.


Our special thanks go to our senior colleagues, captains of industry and other dignitaries who gave us various support and encouragement during the period. We also appreciate the National EXCO for being on ground and giving its support. All other friends, we recognize your moral, financial as well as technical support to the NIEEE Abuja.


The elders in my place have an adage: “Though the dog and the monkey are equal match; if the dog is blessed with a hunter behind it, it will over-power the monkey”. We enjoyed the support of members, EXCO members, senior and elderly engineers as well as a number of organizations. I enjoin all to rally around the in-coming EXCO, especially the Chairman, to move the Institute to greater heights. We have been making names and still making names and carving niches for the Chapter. The only direction we desire is upwards. There is a lot to do; a great ground to cover. This tenure must hit the ground running, as we always say, and exceed limits.

I also appeal to the Management of the NigComSat, to understand with us. We have found your product worthy to lead us. He is very capable and versatile. We appreciate the nature of work in your office and the workload. We want to seek your cooperation for his excuse from time to time, for the next two years at least. By the time he finishes his tenure here, you will find new abilities in him that will be very useful to you. Thank you for your understanding.

Thanks to all who contributed in various ways to making this day a reality and a success.

God bless The NIEEE

God Bless NSE

God Bless Nigeria.

God bless you.

Engr Felix Olutimi Olu MNSE, MNIEEE, MNCS

Out-going Chairman

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