Corporate Partners

NIEEE Abuja  has forged partnerships with leading companies that share a strong local, national and international reputation and an interest in the development of  Engineering Sector.

NIEEE Abuja strives for a geographical balance of corporate partners across Abuja and its environment, as well as a broad variety of business sectors among the partners.

Corporate Partners can become Corporate Member of NIEEE Abuja in order to support the development of Engineers.

To be a Corporate Sponsor of our various events , please  you can indicate your area of interest by sending us an email to or through our website contact page.

We are looking for corporate partners with the following criteria: The company should…

  • be attracted to the overall philosophy of NIEEE, Abuja
  • be strongly committed to the ongoing development of NIEEE Abuja by ensuring that they participate through our Monthly meeting, Technical visit, Courtesy visit, Training and Conferences.
  • be willing and able to contribute to NIEEE Abuja on various levels, including empowering our members through training and recuritment of our members.
  • be ready to take an active part in shaping NIEEE Abuja Activities
  • have the intention and possibility of offering challenging international careers for NIEEE Abuja graduates members

Admission procedure

New Corporate Partners can become a Corporate Member by paying required fee . It is designed so as to ensure that the company will get to know NIEEE Abuja and its philosophy well before actually becoming a partner. It also enables NIEEE Abuja to get to know the company and its intentions better. In this way, the company can see whether the partnership will meet its expectations, and both parties have the opportunity to understand whether they share a common view of the purpose of the partnership and future cooperation.

After preliminary talks and meetings between NIEEE Abuja and company representatives, the company can take the decision to apply for NIEEE partnership once they have a full understanding of what the partnership entails. The application is then ratified by all NIEEE  Abuja Exco members.

A Memorandum of Understanding is signed with every NIEEE Abuja  Corporate Partner upon its ratification. This document is not seen as a legally binding document but rather as a means to clarify the long-term commitment and relationship between the two parties.

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